Beaches Close in Singapore as 400 MT VLSFO Spill Reaches Shore

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 17, 2024

Some beaches have been closed in Singapore after fuel oil from a stricken bunker barge reached the shoreline over the weekend.

As Ship & Bunker reported previously, the dredger Vox Maxima ran into the stationary bunker vessel Marine Honour at the Pasir Panjang Terminal at about 2:20 PM local time on Friday.

One of the bunker vessel's cargo tanks was ruptured, causing about 400 mt of VLSFO to be spilled into the water, MPA Chief Executive Eng Dih Teo said on Monday.

Port operations remain unaffected.

"MPA immediately deployed patrol craft to spray dispersants on the spill, and activated its oil spill response contractors which mobilised an oil skimmer to collect spilled oil off the water surface," Teo said.

"Booms were also laid around both vessels and there are no further leaks.

"The fuel oil that spilled prior were treated by dispersants, which broke it into smaller droplets to be more easily degraded.

"However, due to tidal currents, parts of the spillage have landed along parts of our southern shorelines.

"While oil booms can help prevent further spreads, they are less effective for waves higher than 0.5m.

"Affected beaches have been temporarily closed and the public is advised to stay away to facilitate cleanup.

"NEA is monitoring the air and water quality, and NParks has deployed absorbent booms to protect areas including Berlayer Creek & Rocky Shore at Labrador Nature Reserve, and the mangroves at West Coast Park.

"Close to 1500 m of booms have been deployed and a further 1600 m will be laid to reduce spreading and facilitate recovery of trapped oil off the shorelines."