Singapore: More Detail on Port Fees' Rise

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 13, 2021

The rise in port fees in Singapore announced last week takes places in two phases, according to a port circular..

Phase one runs for a year from next year and and phase two starts the year after.

For ships calling at the port for bunkers and ship's supplies or a crew change, the current rate of $1 per 100 gross ton for the first day remains for phase one.  For subsequent days in port there is an incremental rise in port fees. 

In phase two, the first day's fee doubles to $2 while the second day's fee rises by half a dollar to $6.  Thereafter the daily rates are the same as in phase one.

A number of concessions are available from the start of phase one for port stays of up to four days duration including a 10% reduction "for Green Port Programme vessels that engage LNG-fuelled harbour craft for port operations", the circular said.