X-Press Feeders Opts For Carbon Capture Install

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday June 23, 2022

.X-Press Feeders' company, Eastaway, which is part of the Singapore-based X-Press group, is to fit carbon capture equipment fitted to two of its box ships.

The firm has contracted Value Maritime to retrofit its carbon capture module and carbon dioxide (CO2) battery to capture and store CO2 onboard the vessels.

Under the system, carbon from the ship's exhaust is used to power the CO2 battery which acts as an onboard storage facility where CO2 can be charged/discharged continuously.

The agreement includes Value Maritime's clean-loop scrubber system, according to Value Maritime.

In 2021, the same carbon capture system was used by Visser Shipping on one of its ships. Visser is also part of the X-Press Feeders group.