Toyota Tsusho Sets Up Biofuel Bunker Blend Supply in Japan

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 10, 2023

Marine fuel supplier Toyota Tsusho has set up continuous supply of biofuel bunker blends in Japan for the first time.

The company launched the supply operation in April with an agreement to supply biofuel blends to ships operated by Toyofuji Shipping at the Port of Nagoya, it said in a statement on its website on Wednesday. 

The agreement follows several biofuel trials conducted by the shipping firm at Nagoya.

The deliveries are being carried out by Toyota Tsusho subsidiary Toyotsu Energy, to Toyofuji Shipping's car carrier the Toyofuji Maru. The biofuel component of the blend is sourced from used cooking oil collected from Toyota Group cafeterias and other facilities.

"The realization of this supply is the first step in establishing a supply chain and regular use of biofuels in Japan, helping to promote carbon neutrality in the shipping industry," the company said in the statement.

"Toyota Tsusho is aiming to further promote and expand the use of biofuels, and will aim to increase the volume of biofuels handled at this port as well as conduct verification tests at other ports in the future.

"The Toyota Tsusho Group will continue to contribute toward the transition to a carbon neutral society by accelerating businesses contributing to the reduction of GHG through the industrial life cycle and promoting initiatives toward carbon neutrality, so as to pass on a better global environment to the children of the future."