Petro Inspect Appoints Singapore-Based Director of Operations

Monday July 17, 2017

Petro Inspect Group (Petro Inspect) today announced the appointment of Stanley Kwok as its Singapore-based Director of Operations for Petro Inspect Asia Pte. Ltd.

"I would like to personally welcome and congratulate Stanley Kwok in his new role as Director of Operations for Petro Inspect Asia Pte. Ltd including overseeing our operations in Hong Kong and China," said Petro Inspect Owner and founder Kaivan H. Chinoy.

Kwok has been with Bunker Detective / Petro Inspect since its inception in 2014.

"Over the years he has proven himself as a true professional, exceptional team leader and career minded individual – he is known to go that extra step to get things done. He started as a senior most surveyor with us and was quickly promoted to Technical Manager in April of 2015 due to his exceptional abilities," Chinoy added.

"He is very well versed in bunker quantity, bunker detective surveys including in-depth knowledge of Mass Flow Meters (MFM) and has 10+ solid years of experience and has completed over 1400+ bunker surveys till date."

Prior to joining Petro Inspect Kwok worked with the local Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) and Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), and is said to have successfully exposed "numerous" malpractices on board.

Kwok will be covering the operational aspects of Petro Inspect Asia as well as business development in conjunction with marketing and business development manager, Malcolm Goh.

Contact details of key Singapore personnel are as follows:

Stanley Kwok Junde
Director of Operations
Location: Singapore
T: + (65) 6717-7140 | C: + (65) 9650-3205 |

Shane Ong
Technical Manager
Location: Singapore
T: + (65) 6717-7140 | C: +65 (9430) 7659 |

Malcolm Goh
Business Development Manager
Location: Singapore
T: + (65) 6717-7140 | C: + (65) 9789-7000 |