Digital Bunkering Will Build up Trust, Says MPA's Teo Eng Dih

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 23, 2023

The chief executive of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has said that digital bunkering will help to build up trust in the industry. 

Teo Eng Dih, who was present at an an electronic bunker delivery note (e-BDN) trial in Singapore last month, said that the port was looking forward to implementing "electronic bunkering processes and documentations progressively from November onwards".

A big advantage of digital business processes is that they build trust between players, he said.

"When used with mass flow meters, e-BDN will help build higher levels of trust among bunker buyers, suppliers and financial institutions," he said.

"The adoption of digital documentations at scale will help reduce business costs at the port ecosystem level and bring greater value to stakeholders across the entire bunkering value chain."

Shipping company Ocean Network Express conducted the trial with Shell and the port authority.

The trial took place last month ahead of the launch of digital bunkering in Singapore from the start of November.

Singapore-based ONE used software developed by Angsana Technology for the successful operation. The company has conducted a number of e-BDN transactions with various players.