VLCC Takes on LNG Bunkers in Malaysia

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 12, 2022

Titan LNG and Petronas Marine have jointly bunkered a gas-powered VLCC in Malaysia.

The two firms recently bunkered the VLCC Yuan Rui Yang with LNG at Pasir Gudang using the bunker barge Avenir Advantage, Titan LNG said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.

The tanker is chartered by Koch Industries, and the operation marked the first delivery under a term contract between Titan and Koch.

"As the expansion of LNG infrastructure continues to build momentum in meeting cleaner energy demand, multiple players are coming together to ensure availability and supply, as well as technical assistance and compatibility," Titan said in the statement.

"As an independent supplier, Titan LNG assists customers and partner suppliers in realising the common goal of making LNG the preferred fuel for a sustainable future, helping both sides to optimise the LNG supply process and providing technical knowledge for efficient compatibility checks."

Titan expects to have the largest network of LNG bunkering vessels in Europe by 2025.