Titan LNG Develops New Tank Design to Ease Scaling-Up of Bunker Barges

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday December 22, 2021

LNG bunker supplier Titan LNG has developed a new gas tank design to make it easier to develop larger bunker barges.

European safety law requires LNG bunker barge tanks to be no larger than 1,000 m3 in capacity, meaning several of these tanks need to be on each vessel, Titan said in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday.

"Titan LNG has devised a way to meet this safety criterion by introducing the principle of multiple 1000 m3 internal tank partitions into a single tank structure," the company said.

"The main benefit is that more fuel can be put into a single tank structure.

"As a result, the tanks take up less space, thus reducing the total footprint of the vessel while maintaining the cargo capacity.

"The internal partitions maintain their individual structural integrity in case of tank damage to a single partition."

The new tank concept will be used in developing Titan's Hyperion series of bunker barge designs.