Digital Bunker Companies Partner Up

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday September 30, 2019

Two digital bunker companies, one a bunker procurement platform, the other a bunker ratings firm, are to share their information.

Bunker Connect allows buyers to access bunkers online with additional services; Bunker Trust assesses sellers' market position by rating supplier performance.

According to Bunker Connect's Konstantin Kaminski, the information exchange "provides additional information to base procurement decisions on and an opportunity for a supplier to differentiate from others".

BunkerTrust founder Daniel Kampmann said information on supplier performance "is the missing linke in making data-driven bunker purchases".

With access to both sets of data, buyers will have information on "quality statistics based on laboratory reports" as well as "collected feedback from vessel master or chief engineers", according to the companies. .

The new feature is live, they said.