Range of Fuelling Options Best Way to Meet Climate Change Obligations, Says Cruise Operator

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday June 24, 2020

Cruise operator MSC Cruises has a range of options on its alternative fuelling agenda.

The MSC Cruises executive in charge of maritime policy, Bud Darr, outlined some of the measures the company is looking at to Cruise and Ferry's Susan Parker.

Biofuel from waste cooking oil is currently being used for bunkering its cargo ships (MSC operates cargo and cruise ships) calling at Rotterdam.

"While there are some technical implications, we are comfortable with a 30% blend," Darr was quoted as saying.

LNG was "a powerful tool in the arsenal".

"It is a mistake to say that we need to look for one solution; it will take a combination of things," the executive said.

"The greatest promise is with solutions where we can take the existing designs built with some future proofing and use a drop-in fuel. For example, in the case of our first LNG newbuild, MSC Europa, this could mean using drop-in biomethane or synthetic LNG."

Another solution being trialled as part of that mix is a solid oxide fuel cell, which will be installed on MSC Europa to produce electricity and heat using natural gas.

Ultimately, shipowners will have to take risks in an uncertain environment, Darr said.