Gasum Completes First Truck-to-Ship LNG Bunker Operation in Germany

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday July 29, 2020

Natural gas supplier Gasum has completed its first truck-to-ship LNG bunker operation in Germany, the company said Wednesday.

On July 27 Gasum supplied LNG to the ATAIR, the world's first gas-fuelled research ship, at the Fassmer shipyard, where the vessel is still under construction.

"Our first LNG bunkering operation with trucks in Germany was a great success and we are proud that we can support the Fassmer shipyard with this very important newbuild project," Jacob Granqvist, maritime LNG sales director at Gasum, said in an emailed statement.

"Gasum have already supported customers with ship-to-ship deliveries in Northwest Europe.

"However, this truck-to-ship delivery underlines our commitment to expand our geographical footprint in continental Europe."

Developing truck-to-ship LNG bunker supply operations is a key step towards getting the owners of smaller vessels to consider natural gas as a possible fuel for them in the future. But this delivery method is typically too slow for the largest commercial ships, which tend to need bunker operations to be carried out by barge for the time needed for bunkering not to be prohibitively long.