Norway to Undertake Oil Spill Response Exercise

Monday June 12, 2017

In an effort to improve the country's spill response capacity, the Norway Coastal Administration (NCA) will carry out an oil-spill response exercise in September, known as the Scope project - said to be Europe's largest-ever oil spill pollution exercises, TradeWinds reports.

"If an accident occurs, for example, on the coast of Telemark, our neighbouring country can quickly be affected so, for this reason, the EU provides support," said Scope project manager Stig Wahlstrom.

"The Scope project shall also strengthen collaboration between the regional readiness services, and make the best possible use of resources, services and guidelines offered through the European Union."

Wahlstrom notes that the project will work closely with the Swedish Coastguard, the Royal Danish Navy, and Iceland's Environmental Directorate.