Dan-Bunkering, Endofa Launch New Physical Supplier

Friday December 20, 2013

A new physical bunker supplier, Oleum DWC-LLC (Oleum), today has announced its entrance into the West Africa market.

Oleum, which says it is focussing on the supply of marine fuel and gas-oil offshore the West African coastline, is jointly founded by Dan-Bunkering and Endofa, but will be operated as a fully independent entity. 

"We will be operating a 'One-Stop-Shop' and we have full control of the entire supply chain," says Managing Director Allan Frost.

"Oleum will control every aspect of the operation, from the sourcing and loading of our cargo to the actual delivery to the end user."

"Cargo is directly sourced from Oil Majors and transported in Major vetted tonnage to ensure that the quality will never be compromised."

The firm will supply offshore AbidjanLagos range - and offshore NigeriaWalvis Bay range.

Endofa announced the start of its first physical supply operations at the end of last year.