IMO2020: PMG Holding Commences First VLSFO 0.5%S Supply in Ukraine

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 25, 2019

PMG Holding has undertaken the first supply of IMO2020 grade 0.50% sulfur VLSFO in Ukraine.

"We are ready for 2020!" PMG Holding told Ship & Bunker, adding that it is the only physical bunker supplier in Ukraine and supplies vessels calling at all Ukrainian ports.

In fact, several thousand tonnes of VLSFO bunker fuel has already been supplied successfully, according to the company, with more bunker deliveries scheduled in the coming days.

"Our strong focus on product quality and perfectionist approach to each delivery has been a major factor contributing to our name being synonymous with physical bunker supply in Ukraine as well as the rest of the Black Sea," a spokesperson told Ship & Bunker.

"We believe that with the stable supply of VLSFO 0.5% being added to our HSFO and MGO 0.1% capabilities, Ukraine will continue to grow as a staple bunkering region for many operators."

With quality of the new IMO2020 grade fuels still a point of concern for the industry, PMG Holding stresses it has full control over its supply chain and it has full confidence over quality, quantity and consistent product availability. This should also allow the supplier to meet the expected growing demands for VLSFO 0.5% going into 2020, it adds.

Currently, one of PMG Holding's owned 5,200DWT bunker barges in Ukraine is dedicated to VLSFO supply, and other bunker barges within its fleet will be re-equipped as demand for 0.50%S grows.

The company is also supplying 0.1%S MGO, which can be delivered simultaneously with IFO to reduce overall bunkering time.

PMG Holding says it will also commence physical supply of VLSFO in Russian ports soon and ahead of 2020.

Readers with bunker supply enquiries can contact PMG Holding via email at: