Spain: Maersk Tanker's Port Call Scuppered Over Russian Sanctions Breach

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday February 14, 2023

A product tanker operated by Maersk has been turned away from a Spanish port for breaching European Union rules on Russian Sanctions.

According to the Spanish transport ministry, the Tarragona port authorities stopped Maersk Magellan from unloading its cargo of diesel because the certificate of origin of the cargo indicated that it came from the Cameroon-flagged Nobel. Before July 1 last year, the Nobel had been Russia-flagged.

Under EU rules, ships registered under a Russian flag after 16 April 2022 and ships that have changed to another flag after 24 February 2022 are not to be given access to EU territories.

The Maersk ship received the cargo from the Elephant and the Elephant had received the cargo from the Nobel.

Maersk Magellan is owned and operated by Maersk Products Tankers and is part of the Maersk Tankers pool.

In a statement, Maersk Tankers said the tanker had received the cargo as part of its "normal operations" and following a full sanctions check, according to maritime news provider Tradewinds.

"Maersk Tankers is currently in dialogue with relevant parties and the vessel is meanwhile awaiting further detailed instructions from charterers in relation to the discharge of its cargo," Maersk was quoted as saying in a statement.