Dutch Shipowner Orders Quick Install, Pre-Fabricated Scrubber Model

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 21, 2020

Netherlands-based shipowner Rederij Wantij BV has ordered a 'pre-fabricated' model of scrubber with a shorter installation time compared to conventional units.

Value Maritime has signed a deal with Rederij to make and install the system, the scrubber manufacturer said Tuesday. 

The system, capable of scrubbing sulfur levels down to 0.10%, will be installed on the general cargo ship MV Donau, which mostly operates in the Baltic and North Seas.

Value Maritime produces what it calls "pre-fabricated, pre-installed, plug and play" scrubber models that come in a 20ft casing that can be transported by road. 

Because of this, its scrubbers come with a shorter installation time of seven days, with no need for dry docking in most cases, the company said.

The promise of a faster scrubber installation comes as owners continue faced lengthly delays to have units fitted to their vessels due to both a lack of yard space and the installation work itself taking longer than expected.

Earlier this month, Wartsila's Sigurd Jenssen said there are still "very long" wait times at Chinese yards in particular, and the standard lead time for a scrubber is six months.