Gas Bunkering Beefed up at Gothenburg

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 3, 2019

A Swedish producer of liquified biogas, an alternative bunker fuel, has joined the gas bunkering facility at the Swedish port of Gothenburg.

The move, which is based on an agreement between biogas producer FordonsGas and gas company Swedegas, "will ensure access to this renewable fuel", Swedegas said in a statement.

The liquified natural gas and liquified biogas bunkering facility at the port offers "open access to all suppliers looking to provide the shipping secor with the opportunity to bunker liquified gas", the statement added.

Gas as bunker fuel has emerged in the shadow of the switch to lower sulfur in oil-derived bunker fuel. From next year, conventional bunker fuel will be capped at 0.5% sulfur content. 

Northwest Europe is regarded as one of the areas where the growth of gas bunkering is at its strongest.