Bunker-Saving Fleet Cleaner Robot Launches in Port of Rotterdam

Thursday April 20, 2017

Fleet Cleaner says the hull of the vessel Vlieborg from Koninklijke Wagenborg B.V. (Wagenborg) was recently cleaned with its system, marking the launch of its first Fleet Cleaner robot at the Port of Rotterdam.

"With the cleaning of the Vlieborg, and recently also the hull cleaning of the Marcor bulk vessel in Rotterdam, Fleet Cleaner has introduced itself in Dutch ports as the new standard for in water cleaning," states the company.

The operation, which was conducted by Fleet Cleaner and OH Ship Cleaning.

"Because most of the fouling on the vessels accumulates around the waterline region, the operation of Fleet Cleaner is unique since it both offers a solution for under water cleaning as well as above water cleaning. This highly increases operational flexibility for the shipping company," said Onno Steenweg, superintendent at Wagenborg.

Fleet Cleaner is noted to use navigation systems to ensure a high quality hull cleaning, even in water with poor visibility.

"The vessel was heavily fouled with slime and algae, which were all removed from the hull and captured by the installation," said Fleet Cleaner.

"The collected wastewater was carefully filtered in order to comply with environmental regulations."

In February, Ship & Bunker reported that the Fleet Cleaner system had completed its first hull cleaning trial, cleaning the hull of the largest vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy, HNLMS Karel Doorman.