Klaveness Combination Carriers Supports Carbon Pricing for Shipping

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday September 30, 2020

Shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers has lent its support to the idea of charging the shipping industry at the global level for its carbon emissions.

In a statement on its website last week, the company questioned whether current plans at the International Maritime Organization and European Union levels "will be enough to increase the speed of the decarbonization of the shipping industry. 

"Higher taxes on fossil fuels and/or carbon pricing will be necessary going forward to incentivize shipping to make the necessary investments and to start using low carbon fuels and eventually zero emission fuels," the company said.

Last week commodity trading firm Trafigura set out a detailed proposal for a global levy on carbon-intensive bunker fuels to assist with the shipping industry's efforts to eliminate its carbon emissions.

The company proposed a carbon levy of $250-300 per tonne of CO2 equivalent is imposed on bunker fuels, "in order to make zero- and low-carbon fuels more economically viable and more competitive."

Klaveness Combination Carriers has already tested biofuels in its ships this year and is doing further work to develop zero-emission solutions, the company said.