Norwegian Maritime Authority Moves to Support Hydrogen as Marine Fuel

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday March 2, 2017

As a result of what is said to be an observed increased interest in the use of hydrogen as a marine fuel, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) says it is planning to work with the industry in the development of the new technology.

"We are very positive about cooperating with the industry in order to to realise the hydrogen project," said Olav Akselsen, Director General of Shipping and Navigation at NMA.

The NMA is said to have participated in a discussion on the topic at the NCE Maritime CleanTech cluster meeting in Haugesund on February 22.

"It is our opinion that the use of hydrogen as marine fuel is fully achievable provided that the process is properly organised," said Kolbjørn Berge, NMA's Senior Surveyor and head of a new NMA project group focused on new technology.

"The legislation does not hinder the development. On the contrary, it allows for new and innovative thinking when it comes to design and development of technology. The important thing is that the overall safety level is as high as for conventional oil-powered machinery, and there will be requirements for risk analysis and explosion analysis to ensure safe use."

NMA highlights a number of projects that are underway in relation to the utilising of hydrogen technology for marine fuel.

Once such project is said to have seen the Norwegian Public Roads Administration challenge companies, shipyards, and technology environments to develop a hydrogen-powered ferry, intended to enable zero emission technology for routes not suitable for electric operation only. 

Last month, Ship & Bunker reported that Norway's Fiskerstrand Holding AS (Fiskerstrand) was set to build an energy efficient ferry that will be powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology and utilise supplementary battery-power.