Carnival Cruise Ship in First LNG Bunkering at Kiel

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 23, 2023

A cruise ship owned by Carnival Corporation has taken on LNG as a bunker fuel at the German port of Kiel for the first time.

LNG supplier Titan bunkered the AIDANova cruise ship at Kiel on May 6, Titan said in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday.

The firm used its chartered 6,000 m3 delivery vessel Optimus for the operation.

"The operation was successfully carried out and it ran smoothly as planned," Titan said in the post.

"This was the first LNG bunker delivery ever performed in the Port of Kiel.

"We are grateful for the constructive talks we have had with the Port Authorities of Kiel for the permit to allow Titan to execute LNG bunker deliveries in the Port of Kiel.

"This was the first LNG delivery of a series of bunkers that Titan will deliver to the AIDANova cruise vessel."