EU Russian Sanctions Talks to Focus on STS Operations

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 10, 2023

Talks on implementing tougher sanctions against Moscow have been initiated by the European Union.

Although details are lacking, measures to be discussed are likely to include the practice of ship-to-ship transfers, according to maritime news provider Tradewinds.  

STS transfers can be used to distance cargoes of Russian oil from their origin thereby creating opportunities to circumvent the EU's ban on imports of Russian oil into Europe.

"Reports have suggested that measures under consideration include port bans for vessels linked to "dark" activities, such as tracking systems being turned off and disguised STS activities," the report said.

Last month, the International Maritime Organisation issued a warning over what it called a shadow fleet of tankers operating globally.

In addition to aiding the avoidance off sanctions, these mostly older ships pose safety and environmental risks, according to the organisation.