Spar Shipping Bulker Completes 100% Biofuel Bunker Trial

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday July 28, 2022

A bulker owned by Spar Shipping has completed a trial of a 100% biofuel-based marine fuel.

The firm's bulker the Spar Lynx tested a fuel provided by GoodFuels at Dordrecht over 10 days on a voyage to Icdas in Turkey, GoodFuels said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The fuel, derived from feedstocks certified as 100% waste or residue, delivered a well-to-wake CO2 reduction of at least 75% compared to conventional bunkers.

"Analysis and continuous monitoring by Fleet Management Ltd using a NOx (nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) meter supplied by GoodFuels showed the NOx emissions did not increase at a higher speed when using biofuel, contrary to some industry assumptions," GoodFuels said in the statement.

"The trial also further confirmed the safety and technical viability of biofuels for the future fuel mix.

"Ahead of the trial, Fleet Management Limited undertook a full inspection of the Spar Lynx's engine to compare the vessel before and after sailing.

"Following the voyage, no particulates or differences in engine performance were recorded, which demonstrates biofuel's ability to seamlessly "drop in" to existing vessels, requiring no changes to existing tanks or engines."

Spar Shipping supports further use of biofuels in shipping, the company said.

"With regards to Supramax and Ultramax tonnage, which Spar Shipping AS represents, we consider biofuels may well be the only viable sustainable solution for modern tonnage," Jarle Ellefsen, managing director of Spar Shipping, said in the statement.

"As a tonnage provider, we are looking to facilitate and make feasible sustainable solutions that are technically as well as economically viable.

"It is all about providing added flexibility to the charterers or operators of existing tonnage.

"Sustainability is also about affordability, and part of the picture is to enable the biofuels industry to scale up and secure both availability as well as low-cost sustainable biofuel alternatives for the maritime industry.

"The sustainable biofuels industry needs takers to be able to scale up, and the maritime industry is looking for availability and low cost.

"To this end, we all have a role to play.

"By doing our homework, we de-risk, and we are ready and in position to offer new sustainable alternative solutions once the regulatory framework allows for it. We have no time to lose if we are to fulfil the expectations placed upon us by the many stakeholders within our industry."