UK Chamber of Shipping Calls for Further Government Support for Maritime Sector

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday September 30, 2020

Further government support for the maritime sector may be needed for the UK to grow its presence in the global blue economy and reach its decarbonisation targets, according to the UK Chamber of Shipping.

The UK's maritime sector is worth £40 billion a year, and the global blue economy is estimated to be worth more than £2 trillion by 2030, the UK Chamber of Shipping said in a statement on its website last week.

"If we are to get a lion’s share of that business, we need innovation and the right environment set by the government," the organisation said.

"But we need government support, just like the auto and aero sectors have received."

Further support may be needed for the UK to take a leading position in decarbonising shipping.

"The UK government has committed to reaching net-zero by 2050 and last year they launched the Clean Maritime Plan," the shipping group said.

"It requires all-new ships trading in UK waters, both international and domestic, to be designed with zero-emission capable technologies.

"The targets have been set and they are challenging.

"But with the right focus, the right strategic plan, and the right funding, I hope to see the UK take advantage of its place in the maritime world and lead the charge to create the technologies needed to decarbonise the global shipping industry."

Bob Sanguinetti, chief executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, will be speaking at the IBIA Annual Convention 2020 in November.

The global convention, being held online this year for the first time, will cover three days from November 3.

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