AI Central to Cutting Shipping Emissions, Says Navtor

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday February 13, 2024

Norwegian software fim Navtor is to harness artificial intelligence in its drive to decarbonise the global shipping industry.

Under its Green AI for Sustainable Shipping (GASS) banner, Navtor and partners aim to take a data-driven approach to decarbonisation by enabling shipping companies to identify, analyse and address inefficient energy use on any vessel, in any location, in any weather conditions, in real-time.

Using machine learning algorithms, digital twin technology, and a constant stream of high-quality data, the end result will be, according to Navtor's chief sustainability officer, Bjorn Hjøllo, "a simple, powerful decision-making tool that allows users to maintain competitiveness, achieve regulatory compliance and, in short, unlock more sustainable shipping".

By accruing data and creating a digital twin of any vessel operating under any conditions, the digital ship will be able to steer the actual ship towards maximum operational efficiency.

"At present, there are no systematic data‐driven solutions for improving energy efficiency onboard, and GASS aims to address that," Hjøllo said.

The timescale for the project is three years. Navtor provides services to some 18,000 vessels. GASS partners include Grieg Star, Maritime Cleantech and the Norwegian Research Council.