London Cruise Ship Terminal Escapes Latest Community Efforts on Shore Power

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday March 1, 2017

An attempt to appeal a UK High Court ruling which gave a green light to the development of the proposed London City Cruise Port at Greenwich's Enderby Wharf has been rejected by Lord Justice Henderson, local media reports.

As Ship & Bunker has previously reported, since the project's approval, opposition groups have been calling for shore-based power be made available at the proposed terminal.

Most recently, community campaigners crowd-funded an effort to appeal the project's supporting court ruling, but Justice Henderson rejected the requested leave to appeal on February 22.

The East Greenwich Residents Association (EGRA) has since promised to continue to make the case for the use of shore power, and says it is hoping to meet with the London Mayor's office on March 10 to assess possible next steps.

"The possibility of a petition to the European Parliament is also being explored, especially after the recent warning of the UK over air pollution," stated EGRA.

"There is now overwhelming evidence that much bad air is the result of burning diesel. Allowing an additional major source of diesel pollution in a densely populated residential area, where pollution levels already exceed permitted levels, is perverse. Doubly so since ship’s diesel is even dirtier than that used in lorries."

As previously reported, the facility is expected to be able to handle up to 60 cruise ships each year, accommodating vessels up to 240 metres long with an eight-metre draught.