Hodeidah Update: Detained Ships Situation Unclear

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday May 7, 2018

A reported threat to blow up ships held at anchorage outside the Yemeni port of Hodeidah remains unclear.

The threat, according to Yemen's transport minister Saleh Al-Gabwani and carried in a report May 5 by news provider Arab News, comes from Houthi rebel fighting the government.

But reports that 19 ships are being held by rebels have been disputed.

A Greek shipping source familiar with the situation and responsible for managing four oil products tankers at anchorage at Hodeidah, told Ship & Bunker that two of the four ships had departed the port, another ship should do so in the next few days while a fourth ship was still waiting to discharge.

The source said that waiting times to clear the port remained longer than what would normally be expected, at up to two weeks. Citing conversations with ships' masters, he said he was not aware of any threats made to ships.

The Yemeni civil war started in 2015 bringing in Saudi Arabia to the government-in-exile's side.