Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2017 Week 10

by VesselsValue.com
Thursday March 16, 2017

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to discover when chasing an invoice is the vessel you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than its ever been. 

To help keep on top of the most recent changes in the world fleet, every week thanks to online maritime intelligence and information service VesselsValue.com, we tell you which vessels have been sold for demolition in the last week.

Demolition Sales  March 9 - March 15, 2017

Sale Date         Sold Name     Vessel Type     Built Date        Seller    
14-03-2017     Hang Ta     PANAMAX BULKER     01-03-1998     Fairweather Steamship    
14-03-2017     Aydemir Boztepe     RO-RO     01-01-1978     Luna RORO    
14-03-2017     Rui Dong     MPP     20-08-1986     Hubei Qin Tai Shipping    
14-03-2017     COS Fair     HANDYMAX     26-04-1999     COSCOCS Bulk Shipping    
14-03-2017     Jaohar Aminah     HEAVY LIFT     01-04-1986     Bogazzi Vittorio and Figli    
14-03-2017     Smile     GENERAL CARGO     20-10-1984     Unknown    
13-03-2017     Sveti Nikola 1     HANDYMAX     10-06-1997     Oldendorff Carriers    
13-03-2017     Thorstream     HANDY CONTAINER     27-04-1998     Thor Dahl Management AS    
13-03-2017     MSC Didem     PANAMAX CONT     01-06-1987     MSC    
13-03-2017     Topaz Ace     PCTC     20-02-1995     Cido Shipping    
13-03-2017     Atlantic Runner     MPP     23-11-1992     Atlantic RoRo Carriers    
13-03-2017     Meratus Java     SUB PANAMAX CONT     23-04-1997     Meratus Line    
13-03-2017     Sentinel I     HANDY TANKER     13-07-1985     Oceangold Tankers    
09-03-2017     Oasia     CRUISE     01-01-1973     Unknown