CIMAC Working Group Publishes Guidelines on New ISO 8217:2024 Specifications

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 7, 2024

The CIMAC Working Group Fuels has published the first of five guidelines on the new ISO 8217:2024 specifications for marine fuels.

The first set of guidelines is an FAQ on the new specifications, published at the end of last month, CIMAC said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

Four more sets will follow later this month, on FAME content, TSP test results, the interpretation of marine fuel analysis test results and the design and operation of fuel cleaning systems for diesel engines.

"With the important addition of allowing up to 100% bio (FAME) and renewable fuel in blends and increasing the number of tables from two to four, we hope that these Guidelines will answer at least some of the questions that we expect to arise," John Stirling of World Fuel Services, the secretary of the working group, said in the statement.

"Additionally, they will help explain how the important changes impact the purchase and use of the new fuels, while assisting with the onboard practicalities."