FOWE, Scorpio Testing On-Board Emulsion Fuel Bunker Tech

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday February 6, 2023

Scorpio Tankers Inc (STI) vessel STI Acton is now testing the on-board production of emulsion fuel bunkers as part of efforts to reduce bunker consumption and emissions.

The move follows last year's successful trial of emulsion fuel bunkers produced using technology from Monaco-based FOWE Eco Solutions (FOWE).

The latest trial commenced on December 12, 2022 and will last at least six months, Dean Mihalic, Chief Executive Officer at FOWE, told Ship & bunker.

"The trial involves on-board production of fuel water emulsion, and the combustion of this fuel in the MAN 2-stroke main engine, 4-stroke auxiliary engines and auxiliary steam boilers. The fuels on board used for production of emulsion are ULSFO and VLSFO which will be emulsified with 10 - 12% water," he added.

STI Acton was also involved in the trial last year where it witnessed 10% bunker fuel consumption savings using a 12% water and ULSFO emulsion.

Early results from the current trial also indicate a fuel saving of 10% compared with operating on standard fuel.

In addition, Mihalic noted that the measurement of exhaust gases show an indicates a significant reduction of NOx and PM emissions while operating on the emulsion.

"The engine’s condition prior to the trial was evaluated by an authorized 3rd party company. It was re-evaluated after one month of operation, with satisfactory results, and will continue to be re-inspected at regular intervals until the of the trial," he said.