World's Largest Boxship to Run on HSFO With Scrubber

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday January 7, 2022

The new frontrunner as the world's largest container ship is set to run on HSFO using a scrubber.

The new 24,000 TEU boxship Ever Alot has just been launched, the China State Shipbuilding Corporation said in a statement on its website last week. The vessel is equipped with a hybrid scrubber, as well as a bulbous bow, large-diameter propellers and energy-saving ducts.

The ship was built for Evergreen Line, which has been taking delivery of a series of large scrubber-equipped boxships over the past year. The previous recordholder among boxships was the 23,992 TEU Ever Ace, also owned by Evergreen and equipped with a scrubber.

The launch of the new vessel demonstrates the long-term prospects for HSFO's use as a bunker fuel, with this ship likely to be operating until the 2040s.

In Singapore HSFO sales were 25.6% of the total in January-November 2021, up from 21% in the same period a year earlier. In Rotterdam the share was 26.3% in the first three quarters of last year, up from 26.2% a year earlier. And Panama's January-November HSFO share was 18.5% last year, up from 11% in the same period of 2020.

These new scrubber installations have been aided by price incentives, with the spread between VLSFO and HSFO widening significantly last year. The global VLSFO premium to HSFO stood at $153/mt by the end of 2021, up from $79.50/mt at the start of the year, according to Ship & Bunker's G20 index of prices at 20 leading ports, an increase of 92%.