NGO Makes Case for Greater Green Hydrogen Investment

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 24, 2023

Environmentalist ngo Transport & Environment (T&E) wants Europe's oil majors to invest more in hydrogen as transport fuel rather than biofuels.

And according to a new study published by the organisation, the opposite seems to be the case.

Europe's oil giants -- Shell, BP, Total, ENI and Repsol -- are investing in hydrogen, but only part of that investment is truly 'green', T&E said

"Where oil producers are investing in hydrogen, most is going towards replacing dirty grey hydrogen operations with blue hydrogen,which still uses polluting fossil gas," said T&E's Geert Decock.

"Instead of wasting their time on easy, short-term solutions, oil refiners should switch to producing green hydrogen and e-fuels for ships and planes today," Decock added.

T&E is an advocate for green hydrogen for ships. The group has argued that regulation should help low-carbon fuels such as green hydrogen to get established as a commercial proposition.