T&E Outlines Preferred EU Route on Shipping GHG

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 10, 2022

Brussels-based environmentalist Transport & Environment (T&E) wants the EU parliament to take a robust line on the take up of alternative marine fuels by shipping companies.

Encouraging these fuels will enable the sector to meet its greenhouse gas emissions goals, T&E has said.

Committee proposals on legislating for shipping in the European Union -- known as FuelEU Maritime -- are to go to the parliament for ratification.

Three things need to happen at this session, according to the non-governmental organisation.

GHG intensity goals -- percentage reduction in GHG output by 2030 -- should be set at 13% not 6% as the European Commission prefers.

The use of alternative marine fuels should be set at 6%. In addition, those developing green fuels for ships should be given a leg up with a multiplier to encourage research and development in this area and to remove any commercial disadvantage.

And thirdly, compliance data covering this area should be made public by the commission.

The parliamentary plenary on the legislation takes place later this month.