VPS Wins Award for Offshore Vessel Fuel Saving Campaign

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday February 8, 2024

Fuel testing and decarbonisation advisory firm VPS has won an award for its summer campaign that helped eight offshore vessel owners save a combined 10,000 mt CO2e in emissions.

The firm's summer campaign for its data-driven decarbonisation service, Maress, was given the OSJ Annual Environment Award 2024, it said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

The campaign saw the eight offshore vessel owners track the emissions and efficiency of their vessels over a two-month period, with a view to sharing data to achieve the maximum joint emissions reduction.

More than 50 of the participating vessels saw emissions reductions of more than 10% compared to past performance. The overall emissions reduction across all of the vessels was 5.7%.

"The amount of savings achieved by the vessels in this campaign is just staggering and inspirational," Malcolm Cooper, CEO of VPS, said in the statement.

"My congratulations to everyone that participated.

"For us in VPS it is a key part of our strategy to help the industry decarbonise by leveraging the unique data access that we as a company have on maritime fuels and emissions.

"All the vessels in this campaign are using our data-driven decarb software Maress, and creating collective action and results for our customers - such as in this campaign - is something that we will aspire to do more of."