November, 2022
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Bunker market participants should to more to reach out to each other across the world to find solutions to each other's problems, according to consultant Eric Evans.
IBIA CONVENTION: 'Great Time for Collaboration' in Bunker Industry
Shipping companies need to step up and take action in the short term rather than talking more, according to Mikkel Kannegaard of Maersk Oil Trading.
IBIA CONVENTION: Maersk Sees 'Get on and Do Something' Attitude Needed for Decarbonisation
"It's not something that we see as a major step on the way, but it can solve a few things along the way," Maersk Oil Trading's Mikkel Kannegaard said at the IBIA convention.
IBIA CONVENTION: Maersk Sees Carbon Capture as Potential Short-Term Decarbonisation Option
Almost every discussion at last week's convention ended up turning to the theme of decarbonisation before long, and speakers said the current downturn was not yet sharp enough to postpone the green transition.
IBIA CONVENTION: Market Downturn Not Yet Slowing Shipping's Green Transition
Panelists at the Houston-based conference said the need for these regulatory developments was less urgent in the Americas.
IBIA CONVENTION: Americas Markets Sceptical Over Need for Licensing and MFMs
Georgia Kounalakis, managing director of Bunker One USA, mentioned the rising costs in a panel session at the IBIA Annual Convention 2022 in Houston last week.
IBIA CONVENTION: Bunker One USA Sees 30-40% Increase in Barge Renewal Costs
"I think the elephant in the room is fraud," Point Bonita Capital's Ross Berger told a panel session at the IBIA convention last week.
IBIA CONVENTION: Access to Credit Will Require Improved Compliance and Transparency in 2023
The inflation that came alongside this year's advance in energy markets is now raising concerns over the central-bank response bringing a global recession.
IBIA CONVENTION: Gloomy Forecasts for Bunker Industry's Prospects in 2023
Hartree's Marc Holm sees inflation as the main driver for weaker boxship demand.
IBIA CONVENTION: Boxship Bunker Demand 'Down 20% on Year'
IBIA is in the process of revising its code of ethics into an enforceable code of conduct.
IBIA CONVENTION: Uncertainty Over How to Implement Bunker Industry Code of Conduct