March, 2020
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Hughes, who oversaw the IMO's emissions regulation policies for much of the last decade until last month, says the COVID-19 pandemic may be postponing the real impact of IMO 2020.
INTERVIEW: Former IMO Emissions Chief Edmund Hughes on 2020 So Far
The LNG bunkering advocates presented the findings of a new report by CE Delft in a webinar Tuesday.
SEA\LNG Publishes Report on Biomethane
"I find many parallels in how the fuel community is dealing with the challenges of the new fuels and how the global community is dealing with the virus."
V-TIC Insight: VLSFO Lessons from the Covid-19 Response
Bunker industry veteran and former IBIA chairman sees demand returning to 2019 levels in 2024.
INTERVIEW: Robin Meech Talks Bunker Demand Outlook to 2030
Can LNG proponents persuade boxship owners to take on any more gas-fuelled ultra large container ships?
S&B VIEWPOINT: 2020's Giant Boxship Orders Will be Key Test for LNG Bunkering
Corvus will supply a 1,500 kWh battery pack that will reduce the vessel's fuel consumption by about 20%.
Corvus Energy to Supply Battery System for Coastal Cargo Carrier
On Wednesday the European Commission announced details of a new European Climate Law committing to a net-zero greenhouse gas plan for the continent by 2050.
Shipping Industry Awaits EU Emissions Trading Review in June 2021
New entrants to the shipping industry have until June 1 to submit a new "product, idea or piece of technology which hasn't been thought of before."
UK Chamber of Shipping Launches Sustainability Competition
Windship's model used fixed-wing sail technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
Windship Technology Project Sees 30% Fuel Savings From Wind Propulsion
The coronavirus outbreak and continued uncertainty over IMO 2020 conspired to rain on the bunker industry's IP Week parade this year.
FEATURE: What IP Week Told Us About the Bunker Industry