December, 2019
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But HSFO now less than than 50% of the total volume as distillate & LSFO sales hit record highs.
Singapore: HSFO Still Most Popular Marine Fuel in November
Preference for straight run 0.5% sulfur shaping current bunkering behaviour among dry bulk owners and operators.
Dry Bulk Operators Choose Bunkers Over Cargo: Report
The P&I Club has issued some final IMO2020 guidance for seafarers ahead of the new sulfur cap coming into force.
IMO2020: Significant Uncertainties Remains Over Enforcement and Fuel Composition, Says North
Oil companies in the Philippines will not be ready to have this compliant fuel, says FSA.
Philippines Casts Doubts Over Domestic IMO2020 Compliance
The majority of bunker fuel today is bought basis the quoted price.
Integr8: Buying Fuel on Calorific Value as Means to Achieve Savings
Up from just 1.8% in September.
Rotterdam: Over Half of November Bunker Sales were VLSFO
As barging delays are reported in major shipping port.
Barge Availability Shaping up to be IMO2020 Pinch Point
Amid reports of ongoing delays.
More Boxships Move Offline for Scrubber Retrofits
As part of an amendment to a bill transposing MARPOL Annex VI IMO2020 rules into local law
Move to Label Scrubbers as "Cheat Devices" Defeated in Australian Senate
Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Amendment (Air Pollution) Bill 2019 was passed yesterday.
Australia Puts IMO2020 Sulfur Rules into Local Law