July, 2020
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New report highlights need for "much larger pool of capital and expertise to evolve new technologies"
Shell Calls for Co-operation on New Fuels Research
Yang Ming's carbon dioxide emissions per TEU-kilometre were 51% lower last year than in 2008.
Taiwan's Yang Ming Transport Meets IMO 2030 Target a Decade Early
BLUE Insight's 'Low Carbon Shipping Fuels & Energy Guide 2020' will be released next week.
BLUE Insight Publishes Research on 'Tall Order' of Decarbonising Shipping
Formed to support industry in attaining IMO 2050 goals.
Singapore: Advisory Panel on Maritime Decarbonisation
Some of the group's first projects will include developing the use of hydrogen, biofuels and biogas and synthetic gas in transport.
International Coalition of Companies Formed to Decarbonise Transport and Logistics
Ship & Bunker this week has published a new explainer video and guide on the IMO 2030 target.
IMO Seeks to Revitalise Decarbonisation Agenda With New Talks
Ammonia could be blended with LNG or diesel to improve its ignition properties and allow it to be used in the current fleet with small engine modifications.
Wärtsilä Suggests Ammonia Can Be Used as Bunker Fuel in Existing Engines
June, 2020
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The report also calls for incentives to develop hydrogen and ammonia bunker supply chains.
UK Government's Advisors Recommend Shipping's Inclusion in 2050 Net Zero Target
The organisation will be a non-profit independent research centre, working across the whole of shipping with industry, academia and the authorities.
Zero-Carbon Shipping Institute to Launch With AP Moller Foundation Funding
Containing generic information alternative bunker fuel.
ABS LNG Marine Fuel Sustainability Report Published