Monjasa Beefs up Panama Presence With Additional Ship

Monday January 21, 2019

Danish bunker company Monjasa has firmed up its central American operation with the addition of a third tanker deployed in the Panamanian bunker market.

The move, which puts the company's 8,800 dwt Accra in the field, will "make a difference", according to Monjasa's regional manager.

Citing the need for quality fuels with the arrival of the International Maritime Organisation's 0.50% global sulfur cap on bunker fuel in under a year's time, Americas managing director Rasmus Jacobsen said: "We already have the right sourcing partners in place to enable this transition towards more environmentally sound products. And now, Accra will make a difference on the supply side."

The ship performed its first bunkering operation at Balboa Anchorage last week.

Monjasa's other two barges are stationed at Balboa on the Pacific coast and Cristóbal on the Atlantic coast.

Monjasa delivers around 40,000 metric tonnes of bunkers in the Panama bunker market a month, according to the company - about 12% of the overall market on 2018 numbers.