US Army Expects Full Reopening of Port of Baltimore by End of May

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday April 5, 2024

A full reopening of the Port of Baltimore after last week's bridge collapse could happen as soon as the end of May, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Engineers from the organisation are working with local, state and federal partners to clear the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, the US Army Corps of Engineers said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The bridge collapsed after being struck by the container ship Dali on March 26, blocking access by sea to the port.

"After detailed studies and engineering assessments by local, state and federal organizations, in collaboration with industry partners, USACE expects to open a limited access channel 280 feet wide and 35 feet deep, to the Port of Baltimore within the next four weeks — by the end of April," USACE said in the statement.

"This channel would support one-way traffic in and out of the Port of Baltimore for barge container service and some roll on/roll off vessels that move automobiles and farm equipment to and from the port.

"USACE engineers are aiming to reopen the permanent, 700-foot-wide by 50-foot-deep federal navigation channel by the end of May, restoring port access to normal capacity."

The Port of Baltimore is a significant presence in freight markets on the US Atlantic Coast, with car imports and coal exports as particular areas of focus.