CSL Welland to Run Eight Ships on B100 Biofuel This Year

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday May 8, 2024

Canadian shipping firm CSL Welland is set to run eight of its ships on biofuel this year.

The firm will use North American-sourced B100 biofuel for eight of its ships this season, it said in a social media post last week.

The company has been steadily rolling out the use of biofuels in its Great Lakes fleet since 2019.

"Sourced in North America and supplied by Canada Clean Fuels, the biodiesel used during CSL's tests was produced entirely from waste plant material, specifically refuse soybean oil," the company said on its website.

"Production of biofuel did not affect food production or supply chains.

"The carbon intensity of the selected biodiesel is 21.4 gCO2eq/MJ, as measured using the Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation methodology."