Petrobras Expands 0.10%S LSMGO Supply Locations

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday May 29, 2023

Petrobras today said from June 1 it will commence supply of maximum 0.10% sulfur LSMGO at the Brazilian port of Paranagu√°.

To date, distillate grade fuel at the port - and indeed until recently, most other Brazilian ports - has been available but not met the 0.10%S limit required by Emissions Control Area (ECA) rules such as those in North America and Europe.

This year Petrobras has been slowly rolling out 0.10%S LSMGO at a number of its ports, in March commencing supply of the ECA-compliant fuel at Santos, and subsequently in April at the Brazilian port of Rio Grande.

The new LSMGO product is offered in addition to Petrobras' supply of 0.50% sulfur VLSFO.