Bunker One Expands Physical Supply Ops into New Orleans

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday December 23, 2019

Bunker One today has announced they have expanded their US physical supply operations to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The expansion will be led by Sara Shipman Myers, Managing Director of Bunker One (USA) Inc.

"We believe this expansion will offer our customers tremendous strategic value for their vessels trading in the US, US Gulf region and the Caribbean, in particular with IMO 2020 around the corner," she said.

"We are 2020 ready with the ability to offer VLSFO, RMD80 0,1% and MGO 0,1%."

Peter Zachariassen, Global Director, Bunker One, said New Orleans has "been on the radar for some time" and that this was the right time to make the move.

"“The roaring 20 ́ties started in Bunker One many months ago, and we are already supplying massive volume of VLSFO from all our operations worldwide. Spot deliveries are being done daily and contracts locked in," he added.