No Jet Blending Into Bunkers on US Gulf Coast: Argus

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday September 25, 2020

Refineries on the US Gulf Coast are not using jet fuel as a blend stock for marine fuels -- a practice that has reportedly started to emerge elsewhere in the world -- according to price reporting agency Argus Media.

The smaller scale of the US Gulf market compared with Singapore makes the practice less viable there, Argus reported Thursday, citing local market sources.

Earlier this week insurance association the UK P&I Club said the blending of jet into bunkers may be causing 'a significant uptick' in fuels found to be off-specification because of a flash point lower than the minimum in Singapore and the Middle East.

Ship & Bunker sources in Europe have said media reports of the practice are likely to have been overstated, with the practice being not particularly widespread.