Bunker Spill Reported After Fishing Vessel Sinks Off Northwest US

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday August 15, 2022

A bunker spill has been reported after a fishing vessel sank off the northwest coast of the US last week.

The fishing vesselĀ Aleutian IsleĀ sank off San Juan Island on Saturday with as much as 2,600 gallons of bunker fuel on board, the Seattle Times reported on Sunday. The vessel's five crew members were rescued.

A sheen covering 1.75 miles of water in the area was observed by the US Coast Guard by Saturday evening.

A dive team was sent on Sunday to determine the best way to remove the boat and its fuel, the Coast Guard said on Sunday.

"The depth of the wreck poses some additional safety concerns that the team is working to mitigate," the Coast Guard said.