Singapore Decarbonisation Centre Calls for Ammonia Bunkering Input

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 11, 2021

Singapore's Global Centre for Marine Decarbonisation is calling for feedback on safety measures around ammonia bunkering.

The organisation is inviting proposals to 'define the safety and operations envelopes to enable ammonia bunkering pilots', Lynn Loo, CEO of the organisation, said in a LinkedIn post last week.

The centre plans to set up an industry consolidation and alignment panel handling feedback on the issue before a report is published.

"Articulating the operations envelope to safely transport and handle ammonia as a bunker will go a long ways to enabling its use when it is available at scale," Loo said.

"Here, we are inspired by the success stories of how regulations and measures have enabled the safe handling and wide use of chlorine and silane - both super toxic gases - in the chemical and semiconductor industries, respectively.

"We believe this study will pave the way for the maritime regulators to do the same for ammonia."