Voluntary Winding-Up for 11 Grindrod Shipping Units in Singapore

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 4, 2022

Eleven subsidiaries of Singapore-based Grindrod Shipping are being voluntarily wound up. 

The eleven companies have appointed liquidators and are to be voluntarily wound up, according to notices posted in Singapore's Government Gazette on Thursday. The decision was taken at extraordinary general meetings for each of the companies on June 20.

The companies are as follows:

  • IVS Bulk 430 Pte Ltd
  • IVS Bulk 462 Pte Ltd
  • IVS Bulk Carriers Pte Ltd
  • IVS Bulk Owning Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Caspian Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Ionia Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Malacca Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Marmara Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Ross Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Scotia Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Tanker Operations (434) Pte Ltd

Singapore-based Grindrod Shipping operates under two brands, Island View Shipping focusing on bulkers and Unicorn Shipping on clean tankers.