New Tool Aims to Help Ship Operators Prove ECA Compliance

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday October 15, 2014

Maine software technology company Inatech has announced it has developed a tool to assist ship operators comply with upcoming Emissions Control Area (ECA) regulations.

The tool will provide monitoring and reporting capabilities to ship operators, automatically producing the statutory documents and audit trail required under new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

As of January 1, 2015, ships operating within ECAs will have to burn fuels with a sulfur content of 0.10 percent or below by weight.

When challenged by authorities, they will also have to show that they are complying with the rules.

"In addition to complying with the regulations owners will have to provide evidence they purchased compliant fuel; produce reports that show fuel on board meets the standard; record fuel changeover as the ship moves in and out of the ECA; and have written procedures in place to show how fuel changeover is done," said Inatech.

"ECA Compliance, part of Shiptech, Inatech's cloud-based fuel management product suite, allows ship operators to constantly record, track and report on their adherence with ECAs, ensuring stakeholders can see continuous compliance.

"The Application also alerts ship operators, reminding them to change over fuel when the ship enters or leaves an ECA," it continued.

Inatech will be demonstrating the new tool at this week's SIBCON conference in Singapore.

Inatech recently told Ship & Bunker that smart buying can shave up to five percent a year off bunker costs.