Standard Club Flags Up Increased Pollution Fines in Australia

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 19, 2020

The majority of Australian states are set to increase their fines for pollution within their waters, according to insurance association Standard Club.

From 1 July the maximum fine for an oil spill in Commonwealth waters beyond three nautical miles of the Australian coast will rise to 4.4 million Australian dollars ($3.02 million) for a master and AUS$22.2 million for a corporate owner or charterer, Standard Club said in a note on its website Thursday.

The fines could be applicable to containers being lost overboard as well as oil or bunker spills, the association said.

"Both AMSA and the relevant State regulators and port authorities continue to police this policy area strictly," Standard Club said.

"Members are advised to take extra care when trading in Australia."