Singapore: Quarter of Bunker Suppliers Sign up for Digital Bunkering

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 5, 2024

A quarter of Singapore's licensed bunker suppliers and barge operators have started to do digital bunkering in the port, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has said.

In a general update on developments in the port, the authority said that 24% of the licensed bunker suppliers and barge operators have taken up digital bunkering. In addition, four solution providers have been approved by the MPA. The four are BunkerFlow, digitalBunkering@sea, Touch and Sail (non MVP version) and Advanced Delivery Platform.

In separate news, shipping digitalisation has formed part of a memorandum of understanding between Singapore and Australia to develop a green shipping corridor between the two states.

"The collaboration is expected to help catalyse the development and uptake of zero or near-zero grenhouse gas emission technologies and the adoption of digital solutions to enhance the resilience, efficiency and sustainability of global maritime supply chains," the MPA said.

The authority noted that Australia holds "great potential" to be a key producer of green marine fuels.

Singapore is the world's largest bunkering hub by volume of marine fuels sold.