Orion Bunkers Updates Contact Deatils for Marine Fuel Enquiries

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday September 13, 2023

Pakistan-based Orion Bunkers has announced new contact details for customers making marine fuel enquiries.

The move follows staff moves within the company.

"We wish to inform our customers that Fatima Bukhari is no longer working with Orion," Zishan Arshad, Director Bunkers, said in an emailed note to Ship & Bunker.

Contact details for enquiries are now as follows:

1. Zishan Arshad
WhatsApp +923335045048

2. Shabana Noor
WhatsApp +3212525933

3. Ruth William
WhatsApp +3122530896

Email: info@orion-bunkers.com
Skype: orionbunkers2004
Website: www.orion-bunkers.com