Singapore Keeps Safe Crew Change a Priority

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday December 1, 2020

Singapore is pushing head with plans to improve how if facilities safe crew changes in the southeast Asian shipping and bunkering hub for ships.

Minister Chee Hong Tat said that the port will be moving to phase 2 of its Crew Facilitation Centre (CFC).

This will entail CFC being testbed for emerging technologies that suport safer crew change procedures.

The minister added that Singapore's crewsafe audit programme has been developed to assist crew-source nations with pre-departure protocols at medical and holding facilities.

Chee made his comments at an international maritime event held in Singapore.

Singapore's efforts in making safe crew changes possible under pandemic conditions is reflected in the number of ship calls, and concomicant bunkering sales, at the port which have held up well this year.